Tips on nailing your photoshoot from none other than Azriel the Bernese Mountain Dog:

  • Look directly at the camera but also look away because all of your angles are important
  • Don't be afraid to get in the water but remember you don't need to go out too far
  • Sniff around all of the scenic spots and take your time to ensure you take in all of your surroundings, immerse yourself in the location you're in
  • Don't take it too seriously, explore a little, get your feet wet, splash about and let the photographer capture you exactly the way you are
  • Last but not least, be sure to style your fur (Seriously look at the crimped fur on his ears, too cute!)

Az was such a brilliant dog to photograph, not only is he absolutely beautiful on the outside but he is gorgeous on the inside as well. He had a grand time exploring and just as wonderful of a time laying down and taking it all in as well when he wasn't sticking by his lovely Mum.

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