Sneak peeks are actually one of my most favourite parts of my job! They are simply a small collection of around 6 to 10 images that are delivered to you within a day or two of your photoshoot taking place. Their purpose is to give you a preview into what your complete gallery will look like, to give you something to cherish and share whilst you wait for your full gallery and to reassure you that everything did in fact run smoothly. Throughout the session you don't really get a chance to see what the photos look like and so recieving a handful of shots the following day is just a nice way to fulfil that curious part of your brain!

I take looooaaaads of photos during a session and it's a huge job to sort through them all, edit them all and get them back to you and so the turn around time for galleries can feel like a long while if you have no idea what to expect. I will select the sneak peeks for you so it truly is a fun surprise however at the end of your session I will often ask if there are any specific poses, combinations or locations you recall from our session that you would love to see first and I will do my best to share those with you alongside some other surprise shots too.

By no means are sneak peeks essential but they sure are a sweet little surprise for you all and they are great for me too because 100% of the time I'm just as excited to properly view your photos and show you how magical you are!

You can view a couple of sneak peek collections from some of my recent sessions below.