I completely understand how daunting the idea of booking a session in mid July can sound considering the freezing cold temps and wet and windy forecasts however this sweet session was right in the middle of Winter 2023 and it was just all kinds of cozy and beautiful.

Beanies, sweaters, snuggles on the couch, the most stunning long coated German Shepherd and beautiful bright light still coming through the window despite the cloudy and cool skies outside and an entire collection of everlasting memories delivered all without the Nelson family needing to leave the warm comfort of their own home.

If you're welcoming a newborn this winter and you've been putting off booking your session due to the concern of the weather, this is your sign to book in an in home session!  I know the idea of a session in your home can feel a bit daunting for so many reasons but I actually think it may be the more laid back of the two options. For starters you have everything you need for bub right where you always have it, you have control of the temperature and so there is no need to worry about bub getting too cold or facing the wind, we won't need to bother with rescheduling due to the weather as we'll be hidden under your roof and also if there are other children or pets involved they are typically more comfortable in their own environment too. You don't need any luxury items or fancy rooms for in home sessions either, honestly all you need is at least one room with a decent sized window and at least one soft surface to cuddle up with your family. You can pop some music on, have a tea and snacks as we go and overall feel content with the fact that you didn't even have to pack the car!

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